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EcoMom® Alliance is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization nurturing, connecting, and empowering mothers to create a healthy and sustainable world. Our programs reach over a million families annually, informing and inspiring healthier living in communities like yours.

Mothers represent a tremendous power as both role models and a market force, representing up to 85% of dollars spent in the United States alone. By positively sharing information and resources, we encourage mothers to make healthier choices in their homes and communities, the effects of which, ripple out and protect our children and environment for generations to come.
Moms are like Queen Bees: They are the givers of life, the nurturing force for sustainable growth, and each one knows her hive best. Ecomom Alliance is thus a global network of mothers, "Community Leaders", working together to promote healthy and sustainable living.

Our programs, including Green Halloween, have garnered over $8 million in estimated media exposure between 2006 and 2012. We have over 30,000 followers, fans and subscribers in our social media network and we reach 1 million+ families each year. 


  • We guide and empower women to create local events and campaigns that add up to global impact.
  • We educate women to leverage their purchasing power to support products and brands that meet our 72 point testing criteria, EcoMom Approved®.
  • We spearhead national campaigns such as the EcoMom Challenge, and support collaborative efforts such as Just Label It.
  • We anchor everything with positive and supportive messaging.

We believe that healthy and sustainable living happens one step at a time and thus encourage moms of all beliefs and persuasions to join forces and support one another every step of the way toward holistic, balanced, joyful lifestyles.

Learn More about our Theory of Change

From boot-strapped beginnings, with mom-word-of-mouth marketing, a passionate, courageous, and devoted group of volunteers, and a visionary editor who put a story about the Alliance on the cover of the New York Times, EcoMom® Alliance grew into an international organization, with members and community leaders from California to New York, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand and beyond.

Social entrepreneur Kimberly Danek Pinkson is first and foremost a mom to son Corbin, and an aunti to two nephews, Luke and Sebastian. She is also an inspiring and authentic Environmental Health advocate, Sustainable Business Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Brand Advisor, and Media Guest.

Drawing on a sense of global interconnection and healthy living that was instilled when she went on her first Native American based Vision Quest at the age of thirteen, all of Kimberly’s work has been imbued with a sense of global interconnection.

Since Founding and her realistic, practical, and authentic approach has led to keynotes at conferences such as the North Carolina Women’s Conference and the World Women’s Forum in Seoul, Korea and appearances on media outlets from 20/20 to the TODAY Show. Kimberly loves cooking veggies from the garden, making up recipes with her son, going on adventures in nature, dancing, and eating organic ice cream. She is committed to sharing with families the good news that there are easy, affordable, and rewarding ways to live in greater balance, health, and joy on this planet we all share.

In the fall of 2006 Kimberly Danek Pinkson, a newly single mom, was scared, overwhelmed, and praying for guidance about how to take care of her son and do some good in the world at the same time. After co-producing an event for the United Nations World Environment Day, a series of conversations with her mom-friends birthed the term “ecomom” and led to a vision for a hybrid business model that would bring together the best practices of the non-profit and for-profit sectors:, which would grow from a consulting platform to an e-commerce site with CoFounder Jenny Orser, and then Jody Sherman and Balaji Gopinath, and, a non-profit 501.c.3 organization focused on educational outreach and environmental health campaigns. and offer two different avenues to provide mothers with simple ways to make healthier choices, with a shared vision for a thriving, just and sustainable world.

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