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EcoMom® Alliance is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization nurturing, connecting, and empowering mothers to create a healthy and sustainable world. Our programs reach over a million families annually, informing and inspiring healthier living in communities like yours.

By sharing connection, information, and resources, we support mothers in making healthier choices in their homes and communities, the effects of which ripple out and protect our children and environment for generations to come.



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"Because one of nature's strongest forces is a network of mothers."
-EcoMom® Alliance Founder, 
Kimberly Danek Pinkson





Green Halloween® was founded by Corey Colwell-Lipson in 2007, and quickly became a national grassroots movement to create healthier and more Earth-friendly holidays, starting with Halloween. Learn How You Can Get Involved



NOTE: This organization is no longer active in the same way it was. Please join our dear friends, and former EcoMom Alliance Community Leaders, over at  SAVVYWOMENSALLIANCE.ORG 


our kids, who've taken up the baton, at ECOKID.COM.

Thank you to all of the EcoMoms, EcoMom Community Leaders, and EcoMom supporters who made the movement what it was...and what it continues to be as we have each carried on in our own way.

WE STAND for our children, grandchildren, and future generations of our global family;

WE DREAM of a healthy world in which all children have real food to eat, clean air to breathe, and fresh water to drink…free from toxic chemicals, pollution, and environmentally related disease;

WE ENVISION a belief system in which personal health and environmental health are one and the same;

WE ASPIRE toward a world in which conscious consumerism supports brands committed to principles of sustainability and a thriving economy;

 WE HOPE for safe and loving places for all children to call home;

 WE EMPOWER our sisters, brothers, and one another with the nurturing, support, and education to help make this all so;

WE EMBRACE our ideals by starting where we are; taking small steps every day, in our own homes, schools and communities to be the change we seek. 


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The EcoMom Alliance Challenge: 10 First Steps For A Healthy & Sustainable World

 1. EAT WELL, BE WELL: For optimal health and to reduce fossil fuel waste, promote social justice and avoid pesticides, shop local, fair trade, and organic whenever possible.


2. IN, ON, and AROUND your body, protect your family and our shared environment from ongoing exposure to harmful toxins by choosing products made without synthetic chemicals.



3. SUSTAIN YOUR SELF: Do things that feed your soul, make you laugh, and connect with those you love.



4. BE WATER WISE: Help preserve the quality of our water for generations to come by not polluting and using water efficient in your home and yard.



5. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, and ROT. Cutting down on garbage just 10% can save 1,200 pounds of CO2 going into our atmosphere.


 6. GO BACK TO SCHOOL GREEN: Eco and Education go together. Purchase school supplies made of recycled and non-toxic ingredients and pack waste-free lunches.


 7. SAVE ENERGY: Replace light bulbs with energy efficient LED's; use weatherstripping; turn off and unplug devices. Simple things save on CO2 and electromagnetic radiation.


 8. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, and ROT: Waste reduction is about more than slowing overflowing land


 9. FLEX YOUR BUYING POWER. Every dollar you spend is a vote for what kind of world you want to live in.


 10. PLAY MORE IN NATURE. Time outside is good for everyone and we protect that which we love.







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