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Our Founder and Team are often requested to speak at events. 



“Kimberly is an authentic and motivating speaker who addresses issues of health and sustainability in a way that makes it accessible to everyone.”                  -  Robin Wright Penn, Mother and Actor


“After hearing Kimberly speak at a recent EcoMom Party I was in awe: the guests in that room were utterly captivated and would have put soda in their kids cereal if she told them it was good for them.”                 - Jennifer Drubner Eagen, Method Home Marketing Director


Past Speaking Engagements:

  • 3% Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • World Women’s Forum, Seoul Korea
  • North Carolina Women's Conference, Raleigh North Carolina
  • Marketing to Moms Conference, Toronto Canada
  • Bioneers Conference, San Rafael CA
  • National Organization of Women’s Conference, Los Angeles CA



  • Sustain Your Self, Sustain Your Family, Sustain Our World: How it’s all connected 
  • History of EcoMom Alliance: Bringing a dream to fruition. 
  • The EcoMom Alliance Challenge: 10 First Steps for A Sustainable Future 
  • Why You Matter: Economics and Ecology 
  • The Power of the Momfluentials: Making grassroots marketing work for you 
  • Raising Kids Green: Nature and the Next Generation



We appreciate your interest in having Kimberly come speak at your group or event.  For more information, please contact John Steele at 646.239.6858

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