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What's better than a Coke? Dr Tima's Honey Kola may just get you a jersey from Mean Joe Green...

Have you ever tasted Dr. Tima's Honey Kola? It is the real deal. Without intending to date myself I will tell you that I grew up in advertising terms as a member of the Pepsi Generation but on Coke's side, not New Coke.....NEVER New Coke....oh that was a shameful disaster. This was a time when I was secretly hopeful that I would walk into a supermarket and get pulled aside for the Pepsi Challenge and, of course, I would confidentally declare Coke victorious. Mean Joe Green was tossing sweaty jerseys around and Coke was teaching the world to perfect harmony. Cokes were my last great vice. I eat organically, locally, naturally and wholly. I annoy my parents and my friends badgering them about their food, what it is? how it was raised? and where it came from? Until recently I still lived and loved, admittedly shamefully, for an icey cold Coke.

Coke is amazing. I have been lost in the mountains in India and the sands of Africa, hoping I would make some sort of human contact, find a small village or shepherd or traveler who could point the way to people or town or shelter, I often found myself in places where I wasn't even sure if I would find water yet alone people......but there was always a Coke. Always. I never thought I would betray my old friend, my beacon, my light in a dark foreign land (and the local movie theater). The truth is that Coke is filled with bad stuff. Bad for your teeth, bad for your skin, bad for your body and bad for the planet.
Then, one day, on a whim, a lark really, as I have tried these natural colas before and they have barely been palatable, I tried yet another. And the world changed. It was BETTER than Coke. My beloved Coke has fallen from grace - well fallen from a dusty supermarket shelf somewhere in the never never land of high fructose corn syrup, but fallen none the less. We are done. I remain amazed and perturbed that there exist places in this world where it is easier and cheaper to find a coke than to have clean water and am relieved that I am no longer participating in nor propagating further that horror. Coke and I? We are over, I am with Dr. Tima now.

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Comment by Stephanie Ashton Smith on December 8, 2009 at 8:25am
I am so thrilled that I came across this post! Coke is my achilles heel - I LOVE it, yet feel so terribly guilty after consumption because of their evil ways....I was hoping that someone would come up with a sociall conscious coke type beverage and my prayers have been answered! Now I have to track one down...




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