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As I walked out of the hotel room, after kissing Corbin good night, it was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears. Would he be proud of me for all this one day? I thought of the early days of EcoMom. Echoes of his little voice came back to me, "Mommy, do you have to work tonight?" He always hoped I would say no and stay cuddled until we both fell asleep, happily squished together between the sides of his toddler bed, as would happen on those nights the need for sleep could not be denied. Would he understand the drive that carried me back to my desk as I gave birth to this other "baby?"

The drive to which I refer is that of a parent. A mother in my case. The maternal drive to protect, nurture and do everything in one's power to make sure one's progeny is safe, well cared for, healthy and loved. "In terms of hope for a sustainable future, it is the maternal drive to protect that I will hedge my bets on," says Eye of the Whale author Douglas Carlton Abrams. So too, Ecological Intelligence author Daniel Goleman.

And so it was that this drive had created EcoMom, a global organization of women, working together to create an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future. As we drove up Laurel Canyon, on our way to Katie and Todd Traina's beautiful Hollywood Hills home, where VIP's and celebs would soon be arriving for an EcoMom Party celebrating the kick off of our Market and Sowing Hope: EcoMom Congo Project, I had to once again fight back tears. Gratitude that so many had stepped up, sharing faith and hope in the power of mothers to protect our world's children.

After tonight, I knew that EcoMom would be on its way. Our campaigns, programs, market and dreams would not be denied. Nicole Richie, Angie Harmon, Kerry Washington, and Robin Wright Penn. Diane Lane, Rosario Dawson, Maria Bello, and Jenny Garth. Even Ben Affleck and Emile Hirsch showed up in support. An editor from InStyle Magazine would be there. Access Hollywood. CBS News. An ode to the power of moms, I thought to myself at one point as I tried to comprehend and take it all in. The EcoMom baby was old enough to stand on its own and as any good parent does, I watched that night proudly, as EcoMom took some very big steps. And ended up in InStyle Magazine.

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