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EcoMom® Alliance is thrilled to team up with 30 of our favorite green bloggers for our very first Go Green Get Fit Challenge, presented by This event started as a shared idea between a few green bloggers who were looking for a way to help motivate and inspire each other to adopt a sustainable fitness routine. The idea grew quickly and as more of our friends and colleagues wanted to join, pretty soon we had built an exciting event to help women across North America prioritize our collective health!

The 2012 Go Green Get Fit challenge is a 12-week program running from June 18-September 9, 2012. While the event itself runs just 12 weeks, the community we build will be lasting, as we work together to set goals, remove obstacles, find and share eco-friendly healthful products, and change our habits: embracing health and making time for activities which will help us reach our health and wellness goals.

Ready to meet our awesome blogger team? Here's the lineup:

Kimberly Danek Pinkson, Founder, EcoMom® Alliance

Growing up Kimberly spent her childhood out in nature, and in a dance studio. The combination of which imbued her with a sense of both our global interconnection, and the understanding that there is no difference between personal health and environmental health. After retiring from a career in dance, she became a certified Pilates rehabilitation trainer and worked with Olympic athletes while growing her work in the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) sector. Kimberly's priority for the Go Green Get Fit Challenge is to focus on a combination of getting more sleep, and prioritizing time in the ocean and on the mountains surfing, hiking, climbing, riding and...eating less sugar. Join Kimberly via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Erin Naumowicz, Sustain Your Self Program Director, EcoMom® Alliance Managing Editor, Healthy Home Guide

Erin played varsity volleyball in high school and was a runner in college but a car accident and other injuries knocked her off her feet over 10 years ago and she never resumed a regular, sustainable fitness routine. With the lack of activity came a decline in her health. She is ready and committed to improving her strength, endurance and overall health. To do this, her goals include working up to running 20 miles per week, cutting out sugar and finishing her first 1/2 marathon in September. Follow Erin's journey on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Lynn Colwell Blogger, Celebrate Green

Lynn Colwell is the mom half of the mother-daughter duo that started the green Halloween revolution and together wrote the book that's revolutionizing the way Americans celebrates, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Trad.... Lynn's goals for the Go Green Get Fit Challenge include: sticking with her current healthy eating plan, Minimum 1/2 hour walk six days a week, minimum of one other form of exercise each day for at least 15 minutes and weekly interval routine and slow weight training.

Connect with Lynn on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


 Katherine Scoleri Editor,

Kathy ran a 5K as a fitness goal to lose weight last year and kept on running. She ran 5 miles one day with a friend who said "If you can run 5 miles, you can run 13." Kathy didn't believe her but signed up for a half marathon anyway. 2 Half Marathons and a short Sprint Tri later, she is now hooked on fitness and eyeing her next goal: completing a Sprint Triathlon this August. As a green mom blogger, Kathy is often conflicted with using less earth friendly fitness gear but hasn't found many alternatives. She's hoping the Go Green Get Fit Challenge will help her achieve her goals, and do them with less of an environmental impact."

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Nikki Board Founder and Editor, Modern Eco Life

Nikki is a mom of three (triplets!) who wants to get fit and healthy to set a great example for her kids. She kicked off her fitness goal with a "Dirty Dash" 4.5 miles (with my husband) plus 1 mile (with my kids) in the mud! Woo whoo! Now the real work starts: P90X just happens to be the exact time frame of Go Green, Get Fit (90 days)...bring it on!
Follow Nikki's journey on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

 Lori Popkewitz Alper, Founder, Groovy Green Livin

Fitness has always been important to Lori, who did her first road race with a few close friends to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. She ramped it up a few years ago and trained for her first sprint triathlon in honor of a little boy in her town who lost his life to cancer. It’s been four years and the triathlon has become an annual event. Lori has joined the Go Green Get Fit Challenge to help her stay motivated to achieve her fitness goals, which include picking up her pace in the swim portion of the triathlon, cycling as fast as her husband, and finding a consistent time to exercise. Find Lori on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Jenny Gullen, Owner and Editor, The Crunchy Wife.

Throughout high school and college, Jenny stayed active through activities like marching band and dance, but in the last few years she says she's been slacking in the fitness department. With the birth of her son last September, she's been busy being a new momma and has put exercise on the back burner. Jenny is ready to get herself back in shape! Her goal is to participate in a half marathon in September - the the perfect way to celebrate her son's first birthday! Jenny would love to run the entire race, but admits she's not an experienced runner, so she has set her goal to finish the 13.1 mile race. She's also working on building upper body strength through yoga, kickboxing, and strength training. Connect with Jenny via FacebookTwitter and Pinterest


Paige Wolf Author Spit That Out

Paige has worked out for as long as she can remember but it was always just enough to maintain the status quo. Since starting Crossfit/Bootcamp in Nov. '11, her body has changed shape and she is stronger and fitter than she has ever been. In Paige's words, "I was never an athlete growing up – I was the consummate gym class drop out. But in the past year I have completed goals like running a 5K and competing in my first Cross Fit competition." Paige's goals for this challenge include: Getting consecutive double-unders (getting the rope around twice while jumping), improving her banded pull-ups by at least two levels, moving up to 20 inch box jumps and moving up to 14 lb wall balls.

Connect with Paige on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Erin Ely Owner and Editor, Ely Organics.

Erin is an organic fanatic, strategic optimist, community and political activist, homebirth, attachment parent, extended BF, homeschool, slow food, slow money, slow coast, Bioneers fan!  Erin is mother to two kids age 18, & 22, she works full time with her husband who is a Financial Planner, owns and volunteers for Bioneers. Her Go Green Get Fit Challenge Goals include: Eat on the Whole 30 plan and change the way she eats, walk a minimum of 15 minutes a day at least 5 days a week and find a good exercise program that she can do at home. Join Erin on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest

Jenn Savedge Author and Blogger, The Green Parent

Last fall, Jenn ran a marathon (Yay Jenn!). Then she pretty much stopped exercising altogether and gained 10 pounds over the winter. Jenn wants more than ever to get control of her health and fitness, making exercise and healthy eating a consistently consistent part of her routine.

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Brenna Burke Owner and Editor, Almost All The Truth

Brenna is participating in this challenge because she is ready to go further than the bare minimum of health she has been working toward over the past year. After brain surgery and the trauma that followed, she has had to re-learn balance, to walk unassisted, and to start feeling more normal again. Now she is ready to get her body's strength back to be able to run after children, swim, rock climb, do yoga, kickbox, and ski this winter. Brenna is ready to try anything and everything to become fit and healthy for herself and for her children.

 Connect with Brenna on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

April Gatewood, Owner and Writer, Mama on a Green Mission

April is the mama behind Mama on a Green Mission. She is trying to get back into running after having a baby three months ago (congratulations, April)! By the end of June she would like to be up to two miles per day. Connect with April via Facebook and Twitter

Stephanie Moram, Founder and Editor, Good Girl Gone Green

Ever since she laced up her first pair of figure skates at the tender age of 4, athletics have always been a big part of Stephanie's life. From figure skating to rugby, and snowboarding to interval/circuit training, she enjoys being active and feeling good after a great training. Now she is mixing her two favorite things- being active and being green. Of course, she wants to play rugby, go for a jog and train, but at the same time, she would like to keep the planet in mind, and reduce her exercise footprint as much as possible. Over the next 12 weeks, she will share her progress, her green tips and different products that will help you stay green while still being active! Follow Stephanie on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest


Amanda Hearn Owner and Editor, The Eco-Friendly Family

Amanda is the founder of The Eco-Friendly Family and Kaia Magazine, where she focuses on sharing information to help others live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. This mother of three is excited to be sharing her journey to live a more active lifestyle to further increase her quality of life and healthfulness.

Follow Amanda's journey via FacebookTwitter and Pinterest



Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, Filmmaker and Blogger, Toxic Baby Blog          For most of the past three years, Penelope has been either pregnant or breastfeeding. During that time, she says she has not worked out meaningfully and her metabolism has taken a dive. She is joining the Go Green Get Fit Challenge to improve her surfing and skateboarding by focusing on endurance, flexibility, strength, core and balance. Follow Penelope's journey via FacebookTwitter and Pinterest


Amity Hook-Sopko Editor, Green Gifts Guide

Amity has been obsessed with Bikram (hot) Yoga for the past five years.  90 minutes of intense yoga in 105 degree heat with 40% humidity might sound like torture to some. But this torture has done remarkable things for her health, her body, and her once-very-distractable-brain.  Amity's Go Green, Get Fit Challenge goal is to maintain her practice while her children are home this summer, and then complete another 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge in September. Join Amity on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

 Gretchen Sowers Owner and Writer, Healthful Mama

Gretchen began because she knew how influential food can be on one's health. Physical activity, though, has never been as consistent as her diet choices. Follow along as this self-proclaimed routine-hater commits to paddling and yoga-ing her wispy limbs and heart to increased strength and endurance.

Connect with Gretchen on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest



Anna Hackman, Editor, Green Talk

Sitting at a computer all day can certainly take its toll on our bodies so Anna would love to lose 15 lbs and get back to her pre-blogger weight! She is working out now 3X to 4X a week and wants to add more diversity to her routine. She loves dancing and may include yoga and other activities into her activity mix. Connect with Anna via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Katy Farber, Owner and Author, and Non-Toxic Kids

As a long time runner, Katy has completed 5 marathons, a few triathlons, and many road races.  After having kids running became a time of meditation, peace, clarity, and creativity.  She has just recently gotten back into racing, this fall completing a half marathon.  Her goals are simple: eat breakfast every day, do more yoga and running, and pick a cool event to challenge herself every few months.  Events she is contemplating for the fall include an ocean side half marathon and a 50 mile trail relay.  Trail running is a new and exciting challenge! Connect with Katy on Twitter, Facebook, at Non-Toxic Kids and

Micaela Preston, Founder and Editor, Mindful Momma

Micaela has a passion for keeping active – whether it is on a bicycle, on a pair of Rollerblades, in a canoe or on her own two feet. Various life issues (including a shoulder injury) have kept her more sedentary than she would prefer but now she is ready to jumpstart her fitness routine! She has committed to get back into yoga, re-start her weight lifting program and to push her running distance beyond what she “thinks” she can do.

Follow Micaela’s journey on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Diane MacEachern, Founder and CEO, Big Green Purse

Diane founded Big Green Purse to inspire consumers – especially women — to use their marketplace clout to protect the planet and themselves, and Big Green Purse at Work to help companies, government agencies and non-profits achieve greater sustainability. Her goals for the 2012 Go Green Get Fit Challenge include completing the P90X program and building the strength to do 5 chin ups.

Connect with Diane via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Nancy Nathan Baldwin, Blogger, Surviving and Thriving on Pennies

Nancy grew up in the city but spent most her weekends in the garden at her grandmothers farm house, putting in the garden, eating tomatoes till she felt sick, harvesting all the goodies and then preserving them every way possible. Nancy is a stay at home mother of 4 beautiful daughters.  She lives on a rural farmstead where she raises 4 daughters, 4 chickens, 1 dog and 1 cat.  Nancy created Surviving and thriving on pennies as a way to save some green in more ways than one.  She loves old books, anything farm related, saving money, living sustainably responsible, running, hiking, thrift shops, yard sales, and so much more. Connect with Nancy on Facebook.


Shane D. Shirley-Smith, Editor, Environmental Booty

Shane has worked out since she was 14 years old and has been a FIRM Believer for almost 20. Now at 44, staying fit is still a huge part of her life. She wouldn't know what to do with herself without her "me" time to workout; although she loves it when her three daughters join her. Shane exercise 4-6 times per week and considers workouts to be like gifts to herself. Her main fitness goals are to keep her heart healthy, her body strong and her mind sharp. She is excited to share my message that exercise is about living a better life, not about getting to some magical number on the scale." Connect with Shane via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Tiffany Washko Editor, NatureMoms

Tiffany has always been concerned with health and wellness but somehow let fitness fall by the wayside as mommy duties took over. Last year she recommitted to fitness and this challenge will help her progress even further. Her preferred fitness method is CrossFit and heavy weights training. Tiffany hopes to use this challenge to motivate her to meet my goals and eventually enter competitive weight lifting. Join Tiffany on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest


Sarah White Owner and Writer, Mindfully Frugal Mom

For the past year Sarah says she has deluded herself into thinking that just because she is at her pre-pregnancy weight, she is at her pre-pregnancy fitness level. Wrong. She is hoping to take this challenge to firm up, gain strength, and hopefully -- through a consistent yoga practice -- channel her inner zen. Also, she wants her flat belly back!

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 Laura Burns, Blogger, Pug in the Kitchen

Laura joined up with the Go Green Get Fit Challenge to keep herself driving toward her goals of being strong and healthy for her children.  Her goals include completing two 5k races and train for an indoor triathlon.  Laura is excited to watch her fitness improve in the next 12 weeks as she uses her new found energy to find joy in her every day fitness opportunities!

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Jen McLaughlin, Blogger, Jen and Joey Go Green

For Jen, fitness and healthy eating are a part of every day life. They are no longer an after thought. She am no longer letting herself slide by on the fact that she has a slender build...she realized she wanted to be stronger and toned and has actively set her life on a path to achieve that. Since January she has lost 12lbs and increased muscle mass. She has made a ton of progress but is excited to participate in the Go Green Get Fit Challenge to help her reach her fitness goals, which include: Increasing strength through resistance training at the gym and home (at least 3 times a week), increasing endurance through cardio training at the gym (spin at least once, cardio 2 other times), finding the love of running again, trying yoga, and getting rid of processed foods! Follow Jen on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest!

Robbie Schneider, Editor, Going Green Mama

Every person's road to fitness has a start, and sometimes it has to re-start. After being derailed due to work and health hiccups, Robbie is refocusing her fitness regimen to becoming routine, with the goal of completing her first 5k runs this fall and taking her family on a hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains this fall. Follow Robbie's journey on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest


Lisa Sharp, Author, Retro Housewife Goes Green

Lisa’s goals for the Go Green Get Fit Challenge include: Better health (she has chronic health issues), flexibility, strength and weight loss, though that is the least of her worries. Ultimately, she would like to lose 40-60 lbs but depending on how much muscle she gains, she is more interested in how she feels than the number on the scale.

Follow Lisa’s Go Green Get Fit Progress on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest



Calley Brewer Pate, Blogger, The Eco Chic

Calley is excited to join the Go Green Get Fit Challenge to help her meet her health goals, including devoting time daily to working out, starting to run, eating more vegetables, and completing a 5K by the end of the year.

Join Calley on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too!


More intro posts and profiles coming soon from...

Sabrina (Bri) Radke Owner and Writer, Eco Baby Mama Drama and Mother Nature Network

Danika Carter, Beauty Editor,


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