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Week 1 Challenge: Set and share your summer fitness goals!

Sharing helps us hold ourselves and each other accountable. Need some inspiration? Check out our Green Bloggers' Go Green Get Fit Goals, then be sure to come back here and add to the discussion by setting your own health & fitness goals, encouraging others and sharing your tips!

Go Green Get Fit Challenge!

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Week 1 Challenge: What are your summer fitness goals?

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I am committed to changing how I view exercise - instead of thinking "it would be nice to have time to exercise", I am choosing to embrace it and prioritize it as an important part of my everyday life. I am also working to fight a pre-diabetes diagnosis by eliminating processed foods and training for a 1/2 Marathon. You will find all of my personal Go Green Get Fit Challenge updates at Healthy Home Magazine.

I'm SO excited to be embarking on this journey with all of you!

My goal is to loose 1/2 of my baby weight - 10lbs!  


My goals are to give no excuses anymore. Get my butt outside and run. I have a race on the 4th of July and I need to get ready for it.  I also need to get back to my yoga 2 times a week.

Your run is coming right up - feeling ready? You're going to kick butt, girl!

I'm committed to changing the way I eat.  I'm starting with the Whole 30 program and adding a daily walk in.  I'm so sedentary because I work in an office all day and also have an online business so it seems I'm continually in front of a computer all day and all night.  I feel like the best approach for me is to focus on one thing at a time for now.  You will find my personal Go Green Get Fit Challenges updates at

To start, I have a 5k in 4 weeks!  I'd like to run the whole thing!

You can do it, Laura! So excited for you!

My goals:

  1. Intentional exercise every day.
  2. Build strength, particularly on my now weak right side.
  3. Increase my walking distance with a first goal of one mile.
  4. Manage to keep up on an all-day climb with my 8 year old rockhound.
  5. Lose and then maintain a healthy weight.

Goal #4 is coming up this weekend. I have been working on my endurance, so I hope I can make it happen! You can see my introductory post on my blog, Almost All The Truth.

Brenna, how did your climb go with your kiddo?

Long term, my goal is to get back to pre-baby weight. I am currently 30 lbs away from this, but am down 20 from immediately post partum. I am committed to finding an exercise that works for me , despite my medical limitations to tone and strengthen my body.

* Increase strength through resistance training at the gym and home (at least 3 times a week)
* Increase endurance through cardio training at the gym (spin at least once, cardio 2 other times)
* Find the love of running again
* Try yoga
* Begin to track food intake and alter diet accordingly (get rid of processed foods!)

My goal is it make it to the gym for a "real" workout twice a week at the very least and getting out of the house daily. I have HUGE plans this summer and most of them include getting out and doing *ANYTHING* - that includes taking my son to the park, working in my garden, meditation, possibly even swimming at the river.


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