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Week 8 Challenge Discussion Question:

One of our goals for the Go Green Get Fit Challenge is to identify and promote eco-friendly fitness brands.

What are your favorites?

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I want to kick off this week's challenge by giving a shout-out to our amazing sponsors, all of whom have inspired and motivated us throughout this challenge! Please be sure to check out each of their sites and support their efforts to continue producing and selling their eco-friendly fitness, nutrition, health and wellness products!

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Ely Organics for Miessence

My Mama's Love

I agree with Erin. Thanks to all our sponsors, but particularly to Planet Shoes. I'm loving the pair I was sent and truly appreciate their support so we all can reach our fitness goals comfortably!

I don't use much fitness equipment except my bike, shoes and water bottle. Speaking of the latter, my new favorite isKlean Kanteen's new insulated bottles. I can fill with ice and even after a day when temps inside the car reach the 90s, the ice remains. I'm impressed.

Ooh, yes, we love Klean Kanteen, too! Both kids use their sports-top bottles. Hubby and I use Life Factory glass water bottles for almost everything - including at the gym - love the new flip-top caps. The only plastic bottles we use (BPA free) are for hydration when we're actually out "on the road" (ie. him on his bike, me in my running shoes). Maybe someday I'll be strong enough to carry a glass bottle with me when I run. But not today. :)

Klean Kanteen has been a lifesaver! My kids never go down to nap/bedtime without their water bottles. I love the safety of the stainless steel, and the bottles take a major beating and still don't leak. LOVE!

Another eco-fitness brand I love is Honey Stinger. Kathy from first told me about them and I love being able to fuel long runs and races organically instead of with all of the artificial junk that's out there. :)

Added a few eco-fitness faves to my week 6 challenge: progress report. Check them out!

I love my Kleen Kanteen! I would love to learn about more eco-friendly brands though--my go-to brands don't promote themselves in that way, and I'm willing to change the products I use to support more eco-friendly brands.  

Check out my full list of eco-fitness faves at Healthy Home Magazine! Highlights include SmartWool Socks, Virus Performance Wear and Sunology sunscreen.

I would be lost without my reusable bottles. Gotta have them in CrossFit class, one for water and one for coconut water.

I am new to the eco-fitness world, but I am going to be ordering my first eco-friendly pair of shoes from in the very near future :)

I love my S'well water bottle! And I'm looking forward to getting my new sneakers from planetshoes!

I haven't tried any really.  I'm too broke to experiment with products.  I make stuff from scratch, but I would love a little convenience.


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