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Week 7 Challenge Discussion Question:

Many families travel during the summer months - how do you fit in or adapt your fitness routine when you are not at home?

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Yes, this is a tough one for a lot of reasons. Of course I try to get in at least one good walk every day even when on vacation, but for a variety of reasons that doesn't always work so I try to "sneak in" additional time moving like:

  • parking the car at the far end of a lot forcing me to walk farther to get to the museum or store or whatever;
  • climbing stairs in either direction--if I'm staying at a room that is say up on the 30th floor (which by the way, I try to avoid), I might walk up 10 flights and then take the elevator;
  • try to fit in 10 minutes 2x a day of just dancing (believe me it's nothing fancy) while listening to music or watching TV;
  • do knee bends when brushing my teeth;
  • if driving and stop to fill up, run in place while the gas is running into the car--yes I look nutty, but don't care;
  • offer to walk the dog, take the kids for a walk or to the playground when visiting friends with either;
  • on long car trips, stop the car every hour, get out and exercise for five minutes

To me the main issue is not to just give up because I'm traveling. I may not get the same level of workout I would at home but at least I'm THINKING about it and trying to come up with ways to include movement as much as possible. Looking forward to seeing others' ideas.

Such good remembrances. Thank you Lynn. You're always so inspiring!

These are great tips! I try to take the stairs too, and have mini "dance parties." The knee bends while teeth-brushing is a good one. I can use that even when I'm not traveling.

Mini dance parties are the best. I especially love it when my kids just grab my hands and start dancing with me wherever we happen to be. :)

Fitness doesn't always have to mean "a routine." I found I burned a ton of calories on a recent trip to a music festival (and I didn't even dance as much as usual!). You can read my post about it HERE.

Choosing outdoor activities automatically equals exercise. A simple camping trip can afford the benefits of packing and hauling gear, cooking and cleaning the old-fashioned way, taking walks for water, showers, and visiting other campers...not to mention the available hikes!

Just commented on your post. Love it!

I recently blogged about this. We went camping and I found lots of ways to keep up with my fitness routine.

I recently wrote about the challenge of staying fit, green and healthy while traveling with kids too!  Here is the link:

It is always a dance!  And yes, recognizing when you need to rest is huge too.  

A dance indeed. Sometimes the waltz, sometimes the jitterbug, sometimes ballet, and sometimes that crazy dance Patrick Dempsey did in the 80's movie, "Can't Buy Me Love." Remember that one?

I wish I had been there with you. Great post, thank you!

I always pack my running shoes! If we're in a hotel I try to always stay in one with a pool or a gym or both if the weather is crappy, but if I can get out and run I do. I have a gps app on my phone that tells me where I am and how far I am running so I can literally run anywhere and create my workout. Plus when we travel we tend to avoid having to use a car so we usually walk a LOT.

I travel a fair bit for work, and I'm also a runner.  Running (and walking) is always my favorite way to see a new place.  It's introduced me to new people, new places within a city, new restaurants and attractions, and it always gives me a topic of conversation when I'm in meetings with business contacts.  When we're on vacation, it gives me a chance to shake off jet lag, and gives me time to acclimate to being in a new place, get a feel for things, etc.  

I think something that's really important is being flexible.  No, I don't keep up my regular fitness routine while I'm traveling a lot of the time.  But I find other ways to stay active--if we're camping, we hike.  If we're on vacation at the beach, we play sand volleyball, spend time swimming, walk in the sand.  If we're traveling to a bigger city, we walk, we sight see, we spend time exploring parks.  


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