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Week 5 Challenge Discussion Question:

What kinds of natural foods or other nutrients do you consume to fuel or replenish your body pre/mid/post workout?

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My two staples for workouts are Lara bars and coconut water. CrossFit is often so extreme that if you eat a full breakfast before the workout , it will come back up. Lara bars are the perfect amount of food, nutrient dense, and paleo. Coconut water mid workout gives me some extra energy and it helps replenish me after the workout. I also like to eat a banana after a workout.

I've been eating a piece of cheese and some fruit before and having a green smoothie after.

Oooh, good question @erinnaumowicz!

  • MEALS: I eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, grains (especially quinoa, and my new favorite is faroh!) and salmon.
  • DRINKS: Water with a squeeze of lime is always yummy. Smoothies are also a favorite, for pre-workout or post-workout replenishment. I love apples, carrots, spirulina and ice blended together. Cucumber, mint, lemon and ice is another great boost for energy and refreshment.
  • SNACKS: I rely heavily on nuts and seeds. Almonds and sunflower seeds get me through many a morning when there's no time for breakfast, and almond butter on a sliced apple is a go-to staple as well. Smoothies too.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Flax seeds, chia seeds (love to chew on a spoonful of these when I feel like munching but am not really hungry), fish oil, and a multi-vitamin. Also though I've never been into vitamin drinks before, I am seriously loving this drink my husband got me into called Mazu. It has kept me healthy through cold and flu season, kept me alert after all night work sessions (without caffeine), and reduced our son's allergies. Here's the link:

Lastly, I must mention dark chocolate and ice cream to help balance PMS mood swings! :-)

Was just reading about using whey protein up to two hours after a heavy workout which is supposed to be best for muscles. Anyone else know about this? I drink whey protein as part of my food program, but this was new to me.

I'm a big fan of my greek yogurt with fruit... although, Tiffany, you are right... some of those workouts and especially in this heat haven't been the greatest for that.  Then, it's almonds!

I have found that 25 almonds before my workout is the perfect amount of energy but too much volume.  During my workout, I stick to water with lemon in it.  I also carry all natural gummy vitamins with me.  I use the vitamins as a reward for a hard work out.  Then on my way home in the car, I munch celery.  It helps me not want to devour everything in sight when I get home.

I have a good breakfast like oatmeal with dried fruit and hydrate with lukewarm water while working out.  Then, when I get home I pull out the herbal hibiscus iced tea from the fridge.  It's a treat!  I'm still trying to get a good balance with fueling my body.  I'm trying a whole foods plant based diet now.

We don't do dairy or soy in our house, so I've found a couple great alternatives for proteins.  Right now my favourite is Living Harvest Organic Hemp Protein.  It is very bio-available so you don't need to see a ridiculous serving of 30+ grams of protein in order to absorb the actual amount your body needs (0.8 - 1.8g per kg of body weight PER DAY).

I eat it in my oatmeal for breakfast because the protein will keep me satiated throughout the day, and again in a quick green smoothie after a workout to help repair my muscles. 

I have been keeping myself full and hydrated with watermelon. I also like to have a quick bit of apples and peanut butter before my morning workout or run to sustain me. 

Y'all are making me hungry for good snacks!

I'm not a fan of sports drinks but I drink TONS of water while working out, and try to eat lots of fruits and veggies as well as complex carbs before and after my runs. I've been known to make green smoothies my after-workout staple. They usually are something like:

1 banana

1 avocado

1 c. spinach

some frozen berries of some sort

1 to 2 T. almond butter

1/2 or so c. greek yogurt

probiotic powder

chia seeds if I have them

fresh ginger

It varies obviously but I try to make my smoothies a complete meal with all of the food groups included. Bonus: my son loves them too.

I eat a lot of fruit, and during long runs, fuel myself with honey with a little salt mixed in instead of commercially-prepared gels.  I've also been known to bring half of a peanut butter sandwich out with me for some variety.  My husband thinks it's hilarious, but to me, there's nothing better than a snack that feels like "real" food out on the trails.


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