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Week 4 Challenge:

Personal Safety is a critical component of any fitness routine. What steps do you take to ensure you are "playing it safe"?

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I exercise in groups so I am not alone. Love the gym and love group fitness classes. I also make sure I am using good form in all my exercises so that I don't get hurt. I have back problems already so I am hyper aware of form and what will be helpful or just plain hurt me. Stretching and getting back some of my youthful mobility helps with injury reduction as well.

I listen to my body and respect funny pain (not muscle soreness, but "something's wrong" pain. In terms of other kinds of safety, I trust my instincts. If I'm alone on the bike path or somewhere else that's kind of isolated, I keep headphones off and stay alert and exit to a main street if I am not comfortable.

I have been researching mobility exercises to work on in addition to regular stretching. It would be devastating to get an injury that would set me back in my goals, so I want to be careful and pay attention to form and technique.

We have a lot of great trails in our neighbourhood but it is hard to find time to use them solo that isn't at night. We live in a very safe area but you just never know with dark trails through the woods. So I stick to the gym and at home workouts.

To avoid injuries I know my limits with what I can lift, I do reps slowly focusing on form and I also stretch after every workout.

I really just listen to my body when it comes to doing a pose in yoga that hurts or feeling dehydrated.  Sometimes you have to push through the uncomfortable feelings when it's walking up a hill while huffing and puffing.  So, playing it safe would be knowing when you can push yourself and when you shouldn't.  

Listen to your body! There is nothing wrong with being the person doing the low impact exercises during a workout class. Also, remember to stay hydrated all day, not just when you start to exercise. If you walk or run alone, be aware of your surroundings and keep a whistle or pepper spray with you. Make sure someone in your house hold knows your exact route and when to expect you back home.

I try to listen to my body and make sure I am not overdoing anything.  I also try low impact activities and make sure my husband always knows where I am when working out!

STRETCH! In high school i was a gymnast, so i learned the importance of stretching before doing anything. I also keep my cell phone on me, and make sure to stay alert, and pay attention while out alone.

I enjoy riding my bike, but never ride alone on trails that are not exposed, i.e. in the woods. I'm also careful about where I load my bike in and out of my car as it takes some time to do it. I choose lots that are exposed and where there are other people around.

I'm a personal trainer, so I've been properly trained in how to do most weight bearing exercises correctly.  I take supplement courses (TRX, Kettlebells, Bosu) in order to train and instruct my clients effectively!

I'd recommend a single training session if you're new to fitness just so you can be sure you're doing everything correctly as to avoid injury:)

Stretch! I try to make sure I get a good stretch in after a workout, I also like to do a stretch day on my resting day of running. 

If I go trail running or run outside of my neighborhood, I ALWAYS run with someone else. I never run in the dark and keep my cell phone in my hand when I run, in case I need to call for help. I stay out of iffy areas and always tell someone where I'm going and for how long.  To ensure that I don't get a sports-related injury, I always listen to my body and stop or slow down if I'm getting fatigued. I also stay properly hydrated, wear the right shoes and workout clothes, and replace my sports bras as SOON as there's any sort of jiggle, lol.


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