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Week 3 Challenge:

Ever feel like you don't want to work up a sweat in the summer heat? How do you get and stay motivated?

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I am lucky to live in an area (Seattle) that only gets scorching hot a few weeks out of the summer. But to beat the heat, I exercise early in the morning whenever possible and carry a BPA-free hand-held water bottle on my runs to make sure I stay hydrated (I'm also practicing my hydration for my 1/2 marathon coming up in sunny California).

It has been so hot here- it really sucked my motivation. :(  I did move my workouts inside when possible- treadmill is not equal outdoor running, but I made it work. Eating cool food that are good for you like salads do help me feel better and more likely to workout in this heat. 

It's tough to stay motivated in the heat.  However if you are like me, and have signed up for events that take place in the heat (I'm doing a Triathlon in August - hello 100 degrees), you need to actually train in the heat.  Your body won't know what to do if you don't.  Practicing hydration techniques, nutrition and just plain getting used to it are really important if you plan on racing in hot weather. You do adjust.  If you don't have races or events then moving inside to a treadmill or indoor facility/classes can help.  Be sure to hydrate as much as possible.  I bought a glass pitcher that I keep full in the fridge with peaches or cucumbers for a post workout hydration treat.  Smoothies help too... I think about my post run smoothie every mile!

I keep coconut water on hand when I am outside exercising. I also exercise early in the morning only, when it is cooler, or if I can't then I lift weights (kettlebells) indoors. I will also wet my hair down in a water fountain or bathroom and then stand in the breeze if I am overheating. Wearing a bandana that you wet and then stuck in the freezer can also help.

Is coconut water easy to find?

They have it individually at Whole Foods and in bulk at Costco now - although I don't think the brand they sell at Costco has BPA-free containers. I know ONE Coconut Water is BPA free. Not sure about others...

Run early in the morning or else work out (yoga, spinning, boot camp) indoors. Or swimming laps.

OMG I was at the gym on Friday and it was so hot...even inside with the AC on. It made spin class very difficult. Thankfully our instructor varied the class to compensate for the humidity.

I try to watch the day and weather and adjust my times or workout accordingly. Last week my coworkers were doing a circuit outside at lunch. It was 34C with the humidity so I decided to skip it. I felt bad for not working out but I knew that it was too humid for me. So after work I came home and swam instead.

I actually find it easier to say motivated in the summer heat than the cold winter! Maybe bathing suits help with that though....

Beat the heat strategy #1: live in the pacific northwest :)  It doesn't get horribly hot here.  But, now that I've lived here for a while, 80 degrees feels hot.  So, to beat that heat, I keep water in the fridge for when I get home and of course drink lots of water while exercising.  This will sound like a strange way to keep me motivated to exercise when I know I'll get sweaty, but here it goes.  I know that I'll get to take a shower after sweating so that keeps me motivated to sweat!  My husband will come home and watch our baby so I can take a shower alone - one of the luxuries you don't realize is a luxury until you are the 24/7 care person for an infant.

LOL! I love your strategy #1. And yes, it is crazy that a shower becomes a luxury...but so worth it! :)

Walk or run in your sleep. Just kidding! What I really mean is roll out of bed in the early, early morning to get your outdoor workout in. This way you beat the heat. Or plan B, stay indoors blast some music and do lunges around the house with weights. While you are at it, dance a little. 30-45 minutes won't hurt. The kids will get a kick out of it.

We live in South Carolina, it has been getting up to 105 during the day here. So my advice would be to get up bright and early in the morning before the kids, and go running, before the sun has time to melt the asphalt.


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