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Week 2 Challenge: What nutrition plan or advice do you follow to support your health and wellness goals?

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Here are some Go Green Get Fit tips from one of our favorite experts, Catherine Clinton, N.D.:

5 Natural Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Exercise:

  • Get Enough Water
  • Eat a Balanced, Varied Diet
  • Get Outside
  • Get Plenty of Probiotics
  • Get Enough Rest

Read her full article here.

Not sure this week's post actually fits here, but it's better than elsewhere. In my post I talk about traveling, sticking with the program--and not, and not beating up on yourself for falling off the wagon.

One thing I find is that when I exercise I naturally eat better. I'm sure there's a psychological explanation for this, but for me, they go hand-in-hand. I also focus as much on hydration as I do on nutrition. As far as nutrition advice, my main goal is to get more veggies into my body and I have started making green smoothies to help me do this. Anyone want to share some great green smoothie recipes with me?

Currently I am trying to add more water to my diet. I have a really hard time with this- for some reason water makes me nauseous. I have been adding citrus to help. I know my body needs it so badly to flush out toxins as well as help with my endurance level. Beyond that, I am trying to reduce carbs and up my veggie intake. 

I have had some really complicated nutrition plans in the past by following point systems, calories, etc.  For now while I'm nursing, I just want to eat real food.  Sounds simple but sometimes it isn't.  I want to eat the least processed foods, shop the perimeter of the store, read ingredient labels and not eat any preservatives.  I certainly hope this helps me reach my goal of simply feeling better and fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes. 

Go Paleo!

  • Eat lots of greens, veggies, and fruit
  • Limit dairy and starchy vegetables like potatoes
  • No Grains or Legumes
  • Eat high quality, pastured meats
  • Eats nuts and lots of healthy fats like coconut oil
  • Drink coconut water
  • Supplement

Cut back on sugar (cookies, ice cream) and continue chomping my way through our weekly CSA share.

Protein, protein, protein. I thought I was eating enough until I started tracking what I ate. Now I know that I was not even close so I make sure I have protein at every single meal.

1.Start keeping track of what you eat.  They have many apps for smartphone users to do this anywhere you go. myfitnesspal is great for iPhone users.

2.Make sure that you get some type of exercise everyday. Even if it is just a walk, hello, that counts.

3.Do your best to stay away from sugary sweets, but don't feel like a failure if you have some in moderation. Enjoy it and move on!

4.Water and hydration should be an important part of any health plan.

5.Don't get overwhelmed with the "science" of eating right and exercising. Just start having fun, and enjoy every victory you make.

6.It is okay to bring a friend along for the ride, but don't give out and give in just because they do. Keep moving sista!

Lots of water, and adoquate sleep.

Eating at home, with healthy foods

We try to use '5 ingredients' or less (not including spices)

As hard as I try to eat healthfully and organically, there are those not-good-for-me-but-taste-oh-so-yummy foods that find their way into my diet, especially when I am overstressed. For years I have tried all kinds of anti-stress treatments from Vitamin B supplements to Acupuncture. But over and over, I realize that the only thing that works for me to keep my food cravings in check during high-stress times is exercise. When I exercise I naturally eat better. Here are some of the nutrition tips & resources I rely on:

Well I was about to post a big list, but Erin Naumowicz said it best in that article she posted!

  • Plus, eat your biggest meal in the morning and taper it down by the evening.
  • Eat more on the days you work out and less on your more sedentary days. 
  • Join a website like to keep accountable with yourself as well as with like-minded people!
  • Sign up for group classes (like my boot camp;) to work out with other people with similar goals, and create new friends that align with your new lifestyle:)


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