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Week 11 Challenge Discussion Question:

There's no denying that hormones influence women's energy, stress and even physical strength/stamina. How do you work with your hormonal cycles to stay motivated and energized?

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I actually try to exercise more just before and during my periods because they end up being shorter when I do, which is a bonus in my mind. I also use magnesium orally and topically to manage PMS. 

EXERCISE is huge!  My cycles and hormones haven't quite gone back to normal yet and it's been nearly 10 months since I had a baby.  FLAX SEED is great when it comes to balancing hormones, particularly avoiding bursts of frustration.  Raw COCOA is also nice.  I like to mix a little agave nectar with cocoa and fresh almondmilk for a little treat.  Finally, RASPBERRY-LEAF herbal tea helps with woman hormones.  It's been around for a while.  My grandma told me about it ad turned out to be right.

Before I got pregnant, I had a steady regimen of exercise (walking, swimming, yoga) throughout my cycle, and I upped the intensity right before my periods. I noticed less fatigue and irritability when it finally did come, and I  continued to exercise and eat lots of fruits and veggies rather than give into my junk food urges during the week. 

When I'm menstruating, I try to take it easier because I'm just not 100%. Hormonal fluctuations certain affect what I am able to do!

Ladies, I am so grateful for all of your suggestions here. With every year, my hormones seem to have more and more of a dramatic influence on my moods and I am optimistic reading your ideas. Thank you, thank you!

I have only had my period 1 time in over 6 years (due to IUD, then pregnancy, now breast feeding) so I don't notice monthly hormonal shifts so much. I think there are still tons of post pregnancy/breastfeeding hormones going on and I can tell when I am getting sick or need more  sleep I start to drag. Getting up and walking around a little helps but if I could be more active that would be even better!

I think exercise helps me tremendously during that time of the month I feel less moody and just more balanced. Also  I take a B complex which helps a lot too.

I just push through it, when im tired i know i skipped workout and i have to catch up. 

Getting outside and going for a brisk walk carrying my LO and drinking tons of water seems to keep me feeling as good as possible.

Ugh, I can't stand to work out during that time of the month.  It takes quite a bit to get motivated, but I feel so much better once I go for walk!


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