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Week 10 Challenge Discussion Question:

Not all health and fitness events are created equal - especially when it comes to sustainability. What are your favorites?

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The two events I've done so far (a 5K in May and a 10K in July) both had a better footprint than I expected, but still a long way to go. 

Some highlights included sponsorship by Dave's Killer bread, Honest Tea and PCC Markets (providing organic bread & nut butters, tea/juice, bananas and apples) for post-race re-fueling.

Lowlights: Way too many disposable cups are used at most events and there was not a recycle or compost option. Only trash. And on that note, I really wish participants would use the trash for their fuel packets rather than tossing them in the road!

I went to The Arnold Sports Festival this year and hope to go again next year. It was soooo inspiring and you got to feel up lots of hard bodies because you were literally crushed up against them like a sardine in a tin can because it was so crowded. While there I got to see Arnold himself and Jamie Eason.

I'm not really into events to be honest, but I whole-heartedly support them.  I particularly like events for a cause, the the MDA walk.

Oh, me too! Sometimes I think about signing up just to support the cause. This summer my schedule was too specific but next "season" I'm going to think more about that.

Some ideas for greener events in this week's post at Healthy Home Magazine:

Riding bicycles is my favorite way to go green and get fit. Once you get in the habit of riding for exercise and are in good shape, it's easier to choose to run errands by bicycle--and you end up using your car less!

I"m not much of an event person, but I'm happy they exist!

I am not generally an event person either but am so happy that they are out there and they that they provide a lot of awareness for certain things.

I never attended anything, i believe my little once held me back, but i know there will be time for that =)


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